Cheshire and Merseyside Back Pain Help

Cheshire and Merseyside Back Pain Help is a public-facing health campaign to help the region better manage back pain.

Back pain is something that affects around a third of the UK adult population each year.*

To help people manage their back pain better and get them on the road to recovery faster, The Neuro Network, a regional collaborative of NHS organisations working with the third sector, is working to implement National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance across Cheshire and Merseyside.

This is so patients get the best advice and treatment when they attend their GP surgery but also so patients get the same advice and treatment for back pain wherever they go based on the best evidence around.

As well as implementing this guidance (NICE 59), we want to spread the best advice about back pain through the Cheshire and Merseyside Back Pain Help website, using a bespoke animation and posters to spread the 7 Golden Rules of managing back pain, encouraging self-management where appropriate and reassuring those experiencing back pain that for the vast majority of people the pain will settle within 2 weeks and fade within 6 weeks.

The Neuro Network is a collection of organisations led by The Walton Centre to bring about enhancements to services that already exist.

We follow on from colleagues in the North of England Regional Back Pain Programme who have also helped implement this guidance in their region.

For the full NICE 59 guidance visit 'the Pathway' section of this website.

Source: Arthritis Research UK State of Musculoskeletal Health 2017

"The Walton Centre is expert in caring for people with spinal conditions and has a long history of providing pain management. If we can work with health professionals to add our input and share evidence about what we have found, we can play our role in ensuring any patient in Cheshire and Merseyside, not only gets the best advice but would get the same advice from any health professional in the region, and is referred based on NICE guidelines.

"It means those who need to be are referred to specialist care quicker and those for whom it is appropriate are managed in the community or empowered to manage their own care, recognising the vast majority of back pain doesn't need any intervention."

Julie Riley, Programme Director for the Neuro Network